Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 3: Real life strikes again

Being a vegan in college is not all meteor shaped tofu and polenta that looks like stars. Very often, what you want and what
is are not at all aligned. For instance, in your head you picture this (lifted from flickr under CC license):

by Michael Lehet

When in real life, your dining tabledesk looks like this:

When the kitchen you share with 15 other people is so indescribably messy you don't even want to take a picture. When you can't even get to the kitchen because 20 other people you don't share it with are inexplicably hanging out there. This post is about when disaster strikes. Food isn't always spectacularly beautiful and blogworthy. But seeing as this is Vegan MoFo, it's my duty to post food that is unspectacular and painfully ordinary. When dinner consists of day old Trader Joe's sushi and a spinach salad with dressing you made in a blender on top of your room's air conditioning unit (hey, Vegan Diner beats store bought) and a handful of dried cranberries. Let's go over this again. Fantasy:

Aaand reality:

I have to cut this very very short due to homework, but happy MoFo-ing, vegans!


  1. Desks are definitely meant to have layers when you're studying :p. At least, that's the case for me!

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one that posts what I eat while studying! Your math look harder than mine too...

    I can't get anything done at my dining table, so I have a 6' folding table set up as my work space. I need room to work! :)

  3. Wait! Your real dinner looks way tastier than the fantasy dinner! What even IS that thing in the top photo?

    What did you blend to make the dressing? It looks so sweet and juicy.

  4. It's a squash with squash quinoa stuffing, I believe from thanksgiving last year. The dressing was Vegan Diner's creamy tomato dressing which is sun dried tomatoes, water, garlic, vinegar, and nutritional yeast in some proportions.

    Yay eating and posting while really doing work!

  5. As a recent (vegan) graduate, I know exactly what you mean. However, there's no shame in a salad with homemade Vegan Diner (<< you have great taste) dressing. And does that sushi contain avocado? Avocado can do no wrong.

    Good luck with juggling MoFo and school!